Signed a MoU between
Ferrero, MIUR and CONI
to spread the legacy
of Expo Milano 2015

The Joy of Moving, the education of children to active lifestyles and the practice of physical activity: this is the great legacy that Ferrero, MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University and Reaserch) and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) have built together thanks to Kinder+Sport experience at Expo Milano 2015.

A journey started with the Universal Exhibition that now goes on and looks forward with great ideas to its future. On Friday 11 December Ferrero, MIUR and CONI signed in Roma a Memorandum of Understanding in order to promote the development of good practices for the education correct lifestyles in schools. The joint commitment of these three partners enables Kinder+Sport to further develop in the schools through the innovative educational method Joy of Moving. Together, we gave the opportunity to over 100.000 children to move, play and know each other at the Kinder+Sport Area at Expo and hosted 230.000 visitors in six months. An initiative of great success that is still today an international project that involves over 3 million children in the world and aims at reaching 5 million by 2018 in 30 countries.

To the signature took part Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci, President of Ferrero S.p.A., Stefania Giannini Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and Giovanni Malagò President of CONI (Italian Olympic Committee).

On this occasion some young guys who took part to the activities at the Kinder+Sport Area at Expo Milano 2015 have been awarded and among them a delegation of 130 Coni Instructors and of trainers of the Village+Sport in Alba.