Kinder+Sport with
Mickey Mouse in Milan

Mickey Mouse made his appearance in Italy 80 years ago, under the name Topolino. Today, Walt Disney Italy and the Milan Triennale have dedicated an entire exhibition to the cartoon figure that has made history. The open air exhibition was held within the framework of the XXI International Exposition of the Milan Triennale, called Design after Design.

Twenty statues of Mickey Mouse in various configurations were exhibited in Milan from April 22 to May 15th, and are now touring various cities in Italy. In November, they will return to Milan auctioned by Sotheby's to collect funds for Abio Italia, a charity that invests in spaces for children inside hospital wards.
Kinder+Sport has designed one of the twenty statues. It is called Topolino and the Joy of Movement. And, in the traditional colours of Kinder+Sport, it shows Mickey Mouse cutting the finishing line of an event with a big smile on his face. The winning streak of Kinder+Sport.