Uk National Day at Kinder+Sport Area characterised
by the Joy of moving and learning: Jumps for Joy!

To celebrate UK National Day at Expo Milano 2015, the Kinder+Sport area was coloured with Union Jack flags and images of the Move & Learn project that Ferrero launched to raise awareness among kids on the importance of learning through movement.

The Kinder+Sport "Move and Learn" project involved UK primary schools combined classroom based learning together with physical activity. The physical activity was rolled out across the county by teaming up with premier league football clubs and subsequently their players. The Move and Learn project also launched the campaign "Jumps for Joy" which was developed by Kinder +Sport in UK. The campain encouraged children, players, mascots and fans to capture their individual ‘Jumps for Joy'. The idea involved many different groups of people, the result is now a fantastic mosaic of the images of ‘Jumps for Joy' in the shape of the Kinder +Sport logo which was unveiled on Wednesday the 17th of June at Expo Milano 2015.