Kinder+Sport Mini Tour.
Germany welcomes cycling

At the famous Eschborn–Frankfurt bike race, the Kinder+Sport Mini Tour offered thrilling activities to get children excited about cycling.
This year's special highlight was the children’s bike parade. 120 kids joined a bike course on the same route that was used by the cycling professionals shortly afterwards. Jens Voigt, legendary cyclist and Kinder+Sport ambassador, accompanied the parade. In the Kinder+Sport world of cycling experience, children can test their cycling capabilities. The learning course provided lots of fun, through different activities such as driving a zigzag course and balancing on a ramp. At the end, each child received a Kinder+Sport driving-licence for their bike.
Throughout the Kinder+Sport walking bike race, children between the ages of two and five competed against each other on the last 100 metres of the official race course. And of course, there were no losers – every child was the lucky winner of a medal.