Kinder+Sport 3vs3 Sino-Italian Football Friendly at Milano Expo

Led by Sun Wen and Demetrio Albertini, "Kinder+Sport" 3VS3 Sino-Italian Children's Football Friendly Staged at Milan EXPO

June 8th 2015, Milan – Today, 6 teenage footballers from China, wearing their red jerseys, stepped onto the international stage for the 1st time in their life, led by Sun Wen, a legend in China's national women's football team. The little China football team came all the way from their home country to compete against a team of Italian teenage players led by Demetrio Albertini, the world-renowned former player of AC Milan. As one of the most important events hosted by Ferrero at Milan Expo, the event is aimed at promoting the active sporty lifestyle among more teenagers by leveraging the worldwide influence of Expo.

Today is also China Pavilion Day 2015 at the Milan Expo. Chinese and Italian government officials, representatives from the Milan Expo committee, senior executives of Ferrero Group, as well as various people from the sports and education community from the two countries attended the event and witnessed the thrilling mini football game along with the local audience.

The game was hosted in the "Kinder+Sport" Area which covers 3,600 square meters at the Expo site. During the warm-up, Chinese footballer "Steel Rose" Sun Wen, along with the Italian midfielder "Engine Room" Albertini, gave some tactical advice to their respective teams. At around 3pm local time, the young players stepped onto the field, all in high spirits, looking like a real national team. Following the whistle, the two teams quickly running around and soon became accustomed to the intense pace of the match. Sun Wen and Albertini were so excited; they waved their arms giving instructions and shouted words of encouragement to the young players. The game ended with the sounds of cheers and applauses from the audience, with players from the two countries waving their trophies and medals to the crowd, bringing a close to the international friendly football game.

"Today has been a precious experience for the kids", commented the "Kinder+Sport" Italian Ambassador Albertini after the game. "There is no winner or loser in this game, only the joy of athletics and the fair-play spirit of sports that the two teams have learned from each other." Sun Wen, the "Kinder+Sport" Chinese Ambassador, continued, "I'm so glad to have brought these kids, who are so passionate about football, to the Milan Expo. Football can bring children from different cultural backgrounds to an equal platform, and enable them to feel passion, team spirit and an eagerness to win which overcomes any language barrier. The spirit of football is not only limited to this field; it is highly educational for the children's ongoing development, and they've had a memorable experience of running around and playing with the other team today."

The 6 little Chinese Kinder kids, selected from "Kinder+Sport" Children Football Training Camp hosted by Ferrero China in Guangzhou in April, will pay a visit to the famous San Siro Stadium and the museum, home of AC Milan and Inter Milan, where Maldini, Van Basten and Rijkaard, heroes of football history, reached the peak of their careers. Encouraging children to enjoy the charm of sport and embrace the Joy of Moving is one of the objectives of the "Kinder+Sport" project launched by Ferrero. Ferrero will continue to provide children with more international platforms for fun sport, influencing positive lifestyles and promoting the optimistic spirit of sport to more teenagers.