Kinder+Sport Shanghai Tennis Camp

Kinder Kids Taking Tennis Challenge with Top Single Player against Foreign Master
Oct 8, 2016

On the public day of Shanghai Rolex Masters, over 200 kids from 2016 Kinder+Sport Children Tennis Training Camp hit the court of Kinder Day at Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Centre. China's top tennis single player Zhang Ze joined as the star coach and led the outstanding young players in an exciting tennis challenge against the foreign ATP player & world No. 8 in doubles, John Peers, which marked a perfect ending of the one-month training camp.

The appearance of the star coach Zhang Ze immediately aroused cheers among the kids. Today the tennis idol of the new generation not only interacted closely with the kids in the tennis game, he also supported the kids and instructed them hand by hand, preparing for the challenge with the foreign master. After the arrival of the ATP player John Peers, the 2 professional athletes teamed up with 5 kids respectively. Although having rich match experience, the 2 players still found it was hard to handle the wild and unpredictable tactics of the young Kinder players. The audience around were completely attracted and amused by the interesting game, cheering for the players of both sides.

As the organizer of Kinder+Sport, Ferrero China has been providing a tennis platform with easy access for the kids in Shanghai for 5 years consecutively, spreading "joy of moving" to all the kids. With the continuous escalation of the event scale and the constant innovation of the training course, the Kinder+Sport training camp is widely welcomed by young families in Shanghai. This year, the training camp has expanded the event scale to a record-breaking 1,500 kids, all were booked out in as short as 2 days. Together with the training camp, the K+S Tennis Champion voting has also drawn to an end. Over 100 Kinder kids posted out their moving moment and received 150,000 votes. The winners will hold hands with the international players and walk into the courts of the key matches at Shanghai Rolex Masters, feeling the passion of the tennis feast in the spotlight.