Kinder+Sport Guangzhou Football Carnival

Over 150 Families Celebrate Children's Day at Kinder + Sport Football Carnival

Former National Team Goalkeeper Ou Chuliang and Guangzhou Women's Team Captain Jiang Meizi Lead 150 Kinder Kids against 11 Professionals

May 28, 2016

Guangzhou, 28 May 2016 - 150 families gathered in Guangzhou Olympic Stadium to celebrate International Children's Day at 2016 Kinder+Sport Guangzhou Family Football Carnival. Ou Chuliang, current assistant coach and former goalkeeper of China's national team, along with Jiang Meizi, Captain of Guangzhou Women's Football Team joined the carnival and enjoyed a wonderful time playing interactive football games with the children; they also teamed up with 150 kids and played brilliant football matches against 11 professional football coaches.

After participating in Kinder+Sport family football experiential camp held in May, the kids and their parents had familiarized themselves with the rules and all were very eager to play the games - Kinder family exercise, three-legged race and overhead stroke competition. Ou Chuliang and Jiang Meizi also partnered with two of the kids as family teams, overcame height differences and reached the finish line hands in hands.

After the game as a warm-up came the climax of the carnival – the 150 vs 11 football match. With Jiang Meizi playing with them side by side and Ou Chuliang firmly guarding the gate, the children were high in spirits; they might not be the team with the best tactics, but they outnumbered the coaches' team therefore gained competitive advantage. Although all the coaches are professional players, who have played for China's leading football clubs including the likes of Ever Grande and Sunray Cave FC, their rhythm were constantly interrupted by the young players. With over 100 parent cheerleaders rallied for them, the children's morale was fired up. Despite of their rich experience, the 11 professionals had no choice but to candidly admit their defeat in the presence of 150 fearless young players.

Results of the blue paper "2016 Chinese teenager nutrition and health report" show that due the alternation of modern lifestyle, more than 70% Chinese children get no more than 1 hour of exercise per day. It is based on the objective of fostering kids' interests in sports and encouraging them to get rid of sedentary lifestyle, that Ferrero China joined forces with Guandong Football Association for the third time to bring football activities to kids and teenagers in Guangzhou. This year, Kinder+Sport football camp not only directly moves over 1000 kids, but also encourages parents' engagement to motivate their kids, thus enjoy the joy of moving together. Looking into the future, Kinder+Sport will further its "Joy of Moving" concept, and hold more and more diverse teenage sports events, as a way of encouraging more Chinese children to exercise and develop a more active lifestyle.