Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving at
the 37th Garda Optimist Meeting

The event for young helmsmen is quickly approaching: 1,028 children and youth aged 9 to 15 from 37 different nations will meet in Riva del Garda to participate in the largest single-class regatta in the world – Guinness World Record certified – with the Optimist, the first sail boat made for children. Helmsmen will arrive from the United Arab Emirates, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong to join the large groups of participants from Russia, Denmark, Hungary, Germany and Italy, of course.

Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving wouldn't miss out on this big youth sailing party either so, once again it is sponsoring the event organised by the Fraglia Vela Riva sailing club.
As per tradition at all the Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving events, the Fair Play Trophy will be awarded to the athlete who stands above the crowd for the honesty and sportsmanship he or she demonstrates during the Garda Optimist Meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to reiterate to the children the positive influence sports can have and the important relationships that can be developed through sports activities.

Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving will also host initiatives that focus on the joy of moving. Again this year, there will be an area inside the Palameeting Hall at the Riva del Garda Conference Centre where Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving representatives will welcome little ones and their families with an extraordinary array of activities. The different activities combine physical activity, entertainment and relationship building with the express purpose of stimulating children and youth to enjoy themselves.

The 37th Garda Optimist Meeting opens Wednesday, 17 April with the parade of the young helmsmen, their families and coaches, who will walk through the historic centre of Riva del Garda. This is sure to be a key moment mirroring the spirit of the event and bringing together people from all corners of the world as a tribute to sport, respect, sharing and nature. In fact, the event is truly green: it is held on a stretch of the lake where motors are prohibited and regatta participants arrive on bicycle, skateboard or scooter using the bike paths that connect it to the northern banks of the lake.