Kinder and Costa together
with Joy of moving

Kinder and Costa presented the major partnership that brings the Kinder+Sport Joy of moving method on board Costa ships. This partnership has shared values as its starting point, from the concept of movement to promote growth through fun and games to the desire to bring the right to play into the lives of children the world over.

Kinder has always aimed to offer children and their families those important moments of joy, made specifically for them. For years, it has also been working to encourage their natural inclination to move and play through Kinder+Sport Joy of moving. This involves 4 million children in 30 countries around the world, proving capable of moving children and families enthusiastically towards motor activity and play, in the firm belief that a positive attitude towards getting moving and engaging in sports can make today’s children better adults in the future. Costa Crociere has embraced this project, adding it to the Squok Club activity programme that it dedicates to younger passengers on all of its ships.
This partnership means that all kids (aged 3 to 12) who go to Squok Club will find an amazing variety of games to get them moving every day, and some of them involve the whole family. Costa’s qualified staff, trained in turn by the staff of the Village+Sport in Alba, oversee the kids, who are at the centre of a daily date with the joy of moving. This brings together physical activity, fun and social interaction in order to boost their mental ability and life skills. The project saw its initial launch on board the Costa fleet’s flagship, the Costa Diadema, where this method was applied to such an environment for the first time. Joy of moving was then extended to all other ships in the Costa fleet, allowing more than 34,000 kids and their families to be involved, with nearly 5,000 hours dedicated to the games.

“This partnership represents a commitment from two major companies towards promoting and supporting the right of all children to play. Children also effect their development through play, learn life’s rules, to engage with others and use their intelligence to face life,” commented Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci, President of Ferrero S.p.A.

“Our goal is to make the people who come on board our ships happy, children especially,” explained Neil Palomba, General Manager of Costa Crociere. “That makes the Kinder+Sport Joy of moving project a perfect fit for our values.”

This new partnership also takes the Joy of moving programme ashore, involving local communities in the countries where the ships land – also reaching out to the most vulnerable people there – to generate value and share projects that aim towards the area’s economic and social development with a particular focus on the coming generation.
One concrete example of this is the activity that took place this winter in South America – Brazil, to be exact. Here, the high level of unemployment, widespread violence and extreme poverty risk jeopardising the future of the young. In Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and then Montevideo, more than 800 kids had the chance to come on board the Costa Favolosa and Costa Fascinosa, through collaboration with local NGOs that support kids and young people suffering from hardship and deprivation. They were able to visit the ships and take part in Joy of moving activities led by the kids entertainment team, to stimulate their motor and mental abilities, creativity and life skills. This joyful experience was offered in order to help them imagine a better future. 

On Friday, 10 May in Civitavecchia, during an event held aboard the Costa Diadema, Kinder and Costa presented this major project. Massimiliano Rosolino, Kinder+Sport Joy of moving ambassador, was a special guest: he once more encouraged the youngest of kids to experience the joy of moving and social interaction.