Joy of moving day

On Saturday September 17th, in Luxembourg, over 600 participants celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Ferrero group in a very special #joyofmoving day! In the morning, employees took their friends and families to visit their workplace, in Aerogolf, Bascharage, EBBC and the Findel Business Centre. Then everyone gathered for lunch at the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Football, where the afternoon events followed the well-known Kinder+Sport Day format.

Adults and young people, parents and children, colleagues and friends all took part in the sports challenges and watched the exhibitions on stage. From sports quizzes to foosball, from basketball to bubble soccer, everything contributed to an atmosphere of fun and joy. There were even races with Crazy Boats (little remote controlled boats in an enchanting pond). Our special thanks go to the 70 employees who volunteered to help the organizers with the Kinder+Sport Day, and got actively involved behind the scenes!