German Olympic Champions inspired children and young people

Kinder+Sport Germany also took the opportunity of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro to promote the Joy of Moving project attracting more children to sports. The Olympic performance of great athletes is always an inspiration to children and young people. This is why Ferrero Germany decided in 2016 to initiate a partnership with the German Olympic and Paralympic teams.
Britta Steffen, former swimmer and two-time Olympic champion led a group of athletes that engaged with a large number of children in seven different disciplines.

And so it was that Kinder+Sport Germany also came to Rio. A Kinder+Sport lounge in the home of the German Team offered a space for relaxation and social engagement to both athletes and visitors.
When the Olympic team returned to Germany, they found 40 children waiting to take them by hand along the Walk of Fame from the Iron Bridge to the Römer, the Municipality of Frankfurt, where they were welcomed by Joachim Gauck, President of Germany. Surrounded by the press, Kinder+Sport and the Olympic team delivered a 250 m "supporter's scarf" to the Paralympic athletes.