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Kinder+Sport is designed to promote active lifestyles by encouraging dynamic play and sports among young generations.


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The Rio Olympics provided an excellent opportunity for the Kinder+Sport project. Ferrero Italy, Ferrero Brazil and Ferrero Germany worked side by side together with the Central Team to promote the Joy of Moving.

Teamwork is key at any Olympic venue, and the Ferrero Group proved its team spirit and left a strong mark on the Games and their effects on local communities.

In partnership with the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and the international organization ActionAid, Ferrero Group has pledged its support to an Olympic Legacy for the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro: an educational and social initiative that continues on from the Games and will leave a sporting legacy to the city.

The project will be implemented inside the Rocinha and Cidade de Derus favelas to provide a safe venue where children will be able to practise sports, play, learn and grow.

Rio 2016 has been a perfect platform for the promotion of the Joy of Moving method, that will contribute to a better future to the children of the Favelas through their personal commitment to a more active citizenship that will, in turn, favour their development into positive and responsible adults.

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Encouraging children to embrace sports and live an active life is the main pillar of the Kinder+Sport programme and the Olympic Games have provided an opportunity for the Joy of Moving project in Brazil and specifically in Rio de Janeiro.

Sports are a powerful drive for change and social inclusion. And the choice of supporting a post-Games project comes from the determination to fight social distress and leave a positive legacy for the future through the training of local instructors and the supply of sports equipment.

In collaboration with the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and the international organization ActionAid, engaged in Brazil for a number of years, Kinder+Sport will first develop its activities in the Cidade de Deus Favela. Here, 52% of the population is under 16. It is a recruitment ground for criminal organisations. Those who are born and raised here carry a stigma that makes an ordinary life extremely difficult. Thanks to CONI and Kinder+Sport there will now be a dedicated space for the students of the Alphonsus Guimarens school. The 80 children and their families will finally have access to a fully equipped sporting facility.

With the special contribution of ambassadors Jury Chechi, Andrea Lucchetta, Fiona May, Carlton Myers, Massimiliano Rosolino, Antonio Rossi, Elisa Santoni and Alessandra Sensini, children from the favelas have discovered the joy of movement and the interchange and team spirit that comes from practising sport.

In the words of Alfonso Ciampi, Director of Institutional Relations in Ferrero Brazil, "we have had the joy of seeing Brazil winning its first Olympic Gold medal with an athlete from Cidade de Deus, Rafaella Silva, who has inspired and stimulated the children of the community and showed us that we are on the right track".

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RIO 2016 was a record Olympics for Team Italy. 28 medals, eight Gold, 12 Silver, eight Bronze. After the positive experiences of Beijing 2008 and London 2012, Kinder+Sport again supported the Italian Team as a main partner of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). And it made its own record.

According to Blogmeter Kinder+Sport, with its social media leadership and 24 hour coverage was the first Italian Olympic sponsor in terms of engagement, ahead of Armani, technical sponsor of the Italian Olympic Team. 7.5 million contacts were made on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Kinder+Sport, with a record engagement rate of 195,000 users that expressed their approval with thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Kinder+Sport was highly visible throughout the Games: the logo was on the backdrop of the main television interviews with athletes and medallists, and appeared over 119 times on national television channels monitored by Telpress.

The Group not only supported a brand new project in the Cidade de Deus Favela but also provided a powerful media platform to the Joy of Moving project. Its close ties to Italian athletes and to Casa Italia, home to Team Italy, where Ferrero was able to enjoy an exclusive hospitality for two weeks, with its own space dedicated to journalists, clients and its stakeholders.

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3 Olympic Committees (DOESB - Germany, CONI - Italy, COC - Croatia)
and 20 National Federations, including the Italian Volleyball Federation, the
Italian Fencing Federation, the Spanish and Portuguese Athletics Federations,
the Polish Volleyball Federation, the Belgian Tennis Federation.

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